Chongqing Arlau Civic Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Thermoplastic coating production line:
-The company has a very mature thermoplastic coating production line with a history of more than 10 years. It is zh only 2-3 factories in China have this production line,A production mode of fast and large-scale delivery can be formed, The monthly output is more than 10000 sheets. Color, shape and size support customization.

-In the United States and Canada, we have many customers, some of whom have been working together for nearly 10 years, and are growing rapidly every year. Successfully custom design many plans: including commercial areas, restaurants, farms, etc.

-Thermoplastic coating can be applied by spraying, electrostatically (similar to standard powder coating) or fluid bed application. The plastic immersion thickness is about 0.8mm, and it is not easy to rust for about 10+ years.

Thermoplastic Coating Color:

Robot welding:

In order to improve production efficiency and product quality, our company uses welding robots to weld, which has advantages such as efficiency, high precision, safety, economy, etc. Compared to other companies, Yalou's products have better quality, faster delivery times, and more advantageous prices.

The welding quality of welding robots is stable, with high weld consistency, which can effectively reduce defects caused by human factors in welding and improve product quality. High efficiency combined with agile reaction actions can complete large quantities of work in a shorter time.